The industrial
The secret of our flavors

Our industrial plant is fitted with cutting-edge technology for water treatment and for the manufacture of our line of products. All the processes have the highest degree of automation and are monitored by highly qualified expert personnel, which guarantees the highest levels of safety and quality.

The unmistakable flavors of all our lines stem from the refined processing of essential oils obtained by way of successive distillations. This is how the highest quality products are manufactured.

From production to bottling

The bottling process is carried out using European equipment for the injection and blower method, which enables us to bottle approximately two hundred bottles a minute in each of our four filling lines. These bottles are then automatically labeled, packaged and palleted to be stored in specially conditioned depots and from there begin their journey to every corner of the country.

In our plant we also manufacture our own bottles, thus completing all the links in the production process
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