Who we are
We are the first company in Argentina
to produce non-alcoholic beverages
Pritty was born in the City of Cordoba in 1966, following a dream and a vision that soon came true. Since then we have been working day-to-day to provide every home with the soda pop chosen by millions of Argentines.
Our industrial plant currently produces more than 250 million liters a year.
The advanced production process ranges from the distillation of flavors to the production of containers; we develop our own brands and produce private brands that are marketed by the leading supermarket chains in the country.

Where we are headed

Our vision of the future is focused on developing differentiated options for our consumers, in terms of both original flavors and innovative products that stand out for their quality.

In all the company’s departments we work to keep positioning ourselves as the leaders in the non-alcoholic beverage market, by optimizing and modernizing our production processes and generating commercial alliances with important multinational companies.

International actions and alliances

With a view to expanding our brand and promoting the positioning of our line of products, we have established strong strategic alliances with renowned international brands, thus generating strategic campaigns and marketing actions in several channels. These ties have meant a significant step forward to us commercially, showcasing the company’s expansion throughout the last few years. All of these actions have boosted our growth in response to the demands of the current market and of our competitors.
An Argentine company with its sights on the future, working every day to grow and help others grow.