Our Quality Policy
All our processes follow a strict, declared and published quality policy, aimed at achieving the highest values of commitment with our clients.

What does it consist of?

  • It consists of conceiving and deploying a Quality System oriented towards maximum satisfaction and loyalty from our customers with a view to achieving sustainable development.
  • Planning all our activities with our interdisciplinary team.
  • Training all our human resources and promoting their responsibility in the process they are involved in.
  • Involving our suppliers and distributors in our quality objectives.
  • Being committed to developing a Continual Improvement Process.

Why is our quality system sustainable?

  • Because it is run by our Quality Assurance Department, which in turn consists of professionals specializing in Total Quality.
  • Our own Quality Control laboratories run by professionals with long-standing experience in the discipline. This is how the raw materials, every process stage and the finished products are controlled and monitored in such a way as to guarantee an end product that will satisfy our clients requirements.
  • A Research & Development Department that continually studies innovations in raw materials and processes, as well as the development of new flavors and products, and in which new consumer trends and preferences are observed.
  • The Quality System is audited on an ongoing basis by external companies specially hired to ensure and quality the company’s compliance with each of its quality objectives.
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