How it all started

1950. The story began in the City of Cordoba when a small syphon soda factory was purchased.

1966. Pritty, the company’s signature trademark, was initially launched on the market in the following flavors: lemon, orange and grapefruit.

1972. Thanks to the prestige generated by the company, it was selected to bottle, market and distribute the brands Seven Up and Crush.

1992. Pritty S.A. was the first Argentine company to develop and market its products in disposable PET bottles. This significant technological development led to its geographical expansion throughout the country.

1999. This year marked the opening of a new industrial plant fitted with state-of-the-art technology on a 13-hectare estate located at km 3½ of the road to Monte Cristo.

2000. Pritty S.A. certified for ISO 9001 standards, which brought with it international recognition.

2010. The prestige garnered by Pritty S.A. Has made it possible for the firm to sign international trade alliances with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation to use its characters "The Simpsons".

2015. Pritty Limón Cero, the sugarless and zero calorie version of the company’s top-selling soda pop, was launched.

2017. International trade alliances were signed with emoji Company.

Pritty is currently the preferred soda pop of millions of Argentines. And we continue to generate proposals and trade alliances to ensure day-to-day growth. Pritty, a long story that is only just beginning.

An Argentine company with its sights on the future, working every day to grow and help others grow.